Texas Wildfires Paradoxically Create Greater Need for Flood Insurance

TweetAccording to the Insurance Council of Texas, the wildfire that destroyed 1,673 homes while laying barren 33,000 acres around Bastrop Texas, in September 2012 will likely result in $325 million in insured losses, making it the most costly wildfire in … Continue reading

Video Friday: Do You Have Flood Insurance?

TweetAn interesting video out of Florida with information and figures on why you might want to add flood insurance to your existing homeowner’s policy. (People living in areas that are going to face massive snow melt come spring might really … Continue reading

This Year the Spring Thaw May Well Be the Spring Flood

TweetAfter the intense snows people have endured all over the country for weeks now, nobody likes to point out what’s going to happen when it melts, but . . . In Connecticut, the governor is encouraging homeowners so start taking … Continue reading

Video Friday: Federal Flood Insurance Inequities

TweetAlthough this news clip is Michigan-specific, it goes a long way toward explaining the extended debate over the federal flood insurance program. The people along the Gulf Coast need it . . . but the people of Michigan and other … Continue reading

Sewer Back-up Coverage a Must in Flood Areas

TweetWe’ve discussed before the extent to which Hurricane Katrina fundamentally changed the way the insurance industry writes policies in a flood plain. In some cases that change is pretty straightforward. They don’t write the policies at all. That’s where the … Continue reading

Texas Coastal Atlas Valuable in Risk Assessment

TweetIn the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the devastation to the Gulf Coast, flood insurance has become a real hot potato. The federal flood insurance program has been allowed to expire twice, there‚Äôs great controversy about adding wind insurance to … Continue reading

National Flood Insurance Gets Temporary Extension

TweetThis past Wednesday, September 22, the House of Representatives voted to extend the National Flood Insurance program. An action repeated by the Senate a day later. The bill is now on the way to the White House for the president’s … Continue reading

On Going Debate Over Katrina Damage Points to Industry Failure

TweetHurricanes Wilma, Katrina, and Rita redefined the way insurance is handled on the Gulf Coast forever. In Mississippi, more and more property owners are being forced to go to the state wind pool for coverage after being dropped by their … Continue reading