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This Year the Spring Thaw May Well Be the Spring Flood

After the intense snows people have endured all over the country for weeks now, nobody likes to point out what’s going to happen when it melts, but . . .

In Connecticut, the governor is encouraging homeowners so start taking out flood insurance. After all, four feet of snow piled up in your front yard is going to translate to a heck of a lot of water come spring. It’s good advice and not something that should be ignored.

I know. It’s adding insult to injury what with roof collapses, damage from breaking limbs, and auto accidents, but waiting could be costly. This is definitely a time to get proactive about your insurance needs if you’re living in an area with heavy snow on the ground. It’s a hard fact of life — standard homeowners polices don’t cover instances of flooding — regardless of the source of the water.

Additionally, wow is a really good time to get those basements and crawl spaces waterproofed. Anything you can do to protect your home before warm weather needs to be done. Now.

If you live near a river or creek, find out if you’re in the flood zone and if so, what precautions may be necessary as those waters rise with the spring melt. This won’t be a “normal” thaw any more than it’s been a “normal” winter.

We’re all looking forward to blue skies, blooming plants, and milder temperatures, but be prepared. This spring is going to start out soggy and there will be flooding. Don’t be a victim of mother nature twice in one year. You couldn’t do much about the snow, but with proper planning, including flood insurance, you can protect yourself against round two.

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