Trupanion Insurance Expands to Connecticut

TweetIt’s been awhile since we talked about pet insurance, so an announcement that Trupanion has expanded coverage into Connecticut caught my eye. This is a good company, offering policies for dogs and cats with 90 percent coverage and no payout … Continue reading

Video Friday: Insurance Definitions “Exclusions”

TweetIt never hurts to brush up on our insurance vocabulary. Here’s a breakdown of the meaning of the term “exclusions.”

Defensive Medicine Elevating Health Care Costs

TweetI’m one of those people who tries not to go near a doctor unless I’m bleeding or broken in some way. I was raised in the day when house calls were normal and I detest with a passion beyond purple … Continue reading

Video Friday: Do You Have Flood Insurance?

TweetAn interesting video out of Florida with information and figures on why you might want to add flood insurance to your existing homeowner’s policy. (People living in areas that are going to face massive snow melt come spring might really … Continue reading

Don’t Cost Cut Yourself Out of Preventive Care

TweetAt the same time that we’re seeing positive indicators that the recession has ended and jobs are coming back, we also have definite clues that this economic crisis has left a permanent imprint on the American psyche. For many of … Continue reading

This Year the Spring Thaw May Well Be the Spring Flood

TweetAfter the intense snows people have endured all over the country for weeks now, nobody likes to point out what’s going to happen when it melts, but . . . In Connecticut, the governor is encouraging homeowners so start taking … Continue reading

Video Friday: Allstate DriveWise

TweetAllstate has a new program called DriveWise to reward safe drivers with discounts. Here’s a YouTube video explaining the service and you can read more about the program on the Allstate site itself. This is one of a new emerging … Continue reading

Neglecting Dental Health Can Have Serious Consequences

TweetAccording to findings by the Kaiser Family Foundation, Americans are neglecting their dental health more than ever. When people start whacking things off their health coverage to lower premium costs and control deductibles, dental benefits are the first to go. … Continue reading

Don’t Fall for “Free” Repair Scams

TweetWell. I’m not surprised. The National Insurance Crime Bureau is reporting that every year we all pay more for our car and home policies due to fraud — about $30 billion worth. The big culprits are: – auto glass repairs, … Continue reading