Happy New Year’s and Drive Safe!

TweetHappy New Year’s Eve, everyone! We wish you and yours all good things in 2011. Just a quick video to remind you to be safe tonight as you’re ringing in the New Year. Remember, the designated driver isn’t the one … Continue reading

New Year’s Day Top Lists for Car Thefts

TweetA stray champagne cork through the window may not be your biggest insurance concern on New Year’s Day. According to an analysis by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, January 1 is once again the top day for vehicle thefts with … Continue reading

Have you thought about the age of your car lately?

TweetIf you’re like most people, you walk out in the garage every day, get in your car, put the key in the ignition, and if the engine turns over, that’s the last thought you give to your vehicle. When’s the … Continue reading

Video Friday: We Hope You’re Home for Christmas

TweetIt’s Christmas Eve, folks and the only “insuring” we’re concerned about today is that you’re where you want to be with the folks you love. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Beware Treacherous Winter Roads

TweetWhether it’s California trying to wash away or the folks back East freezing to death, insurance claims go up during bad weather, signaling a sure need for greater caution behind the wheel — especially if you’re getting ready to travel … Continue reading

Dog Liability Coverage Grows in Popularity for “Banned” Breeds

TweetMore than a third of all home insurance claims involve some act committed not by the family, but by the family dog. A vast majority of these incidents involve biting, with the victims normally being a family member or family … Continue reading

Exercise Safe Packing Habits Before Heading Home for the Holidays

TweetWith the holiday travel rush upon us, more and more people are going to be trying to cram as much stuff in their cars as possible. Stop and think about that. Anything unsecured in your vehicle in the event of … Continue reading

Judge’s Decision Signals Next Round in Health Care Debate

TweetWhen Federal Judge Henry E. Hudson declared the portion of the health care reform law mandating that all Americans be covered by health insurance in 2014 to be unconstitutional, a part of me approved. Now, granted, his decision, made on … Continue reading

The Senate Says: Hybrids are Too Quiet for Safety Sake

TweetWe all know that risk and potential liability lie at the heart of pretty much every decision made in the world of insurance. With new form factors of cars being developed faster than we can keep up — I mean … Continue reading

Video Friday: Federal Flood Insurance Inequities

TweetAlthough this news clip is Michigan-specific, it goes a long way toward explaining the extended debate over the federal flood insurance program. The people along the Gulf Coast need it . . . but the people of Michigan and other … Continue reading