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New Year’s Day Top Lists for Car Thefts

A stray champagne cork through the window may not be your biggest insurance concern on New Year’s Day. According to an analysis by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, January 1 is once again the top day for vehicle thefts with December 25th being the safest day to leave your car parked pretty much anywhere.

The Bureau looked at 11 holidays in 2009. On those days combined, there were 22,991 cars and trucks stolen. The good news is that the number is down from the 24,676 heisted on the same days in 2008.

The holidays, ranked in order by number of thefts are:

– New Year’s Day – 2,760
– Halloween – 2,325
– Independence Day – 2,207
– Memorial Day – 2,207
– President’s Day – 2,204
– Labor Day – 2,202
– New Year’s Eve – 2,189
– Valentine’s Day – 2,090
– Christmas Eve – 1,851
– Thanksgiving – 1,620
– Christmas Day 1,336

So, beware. If you come staggering out past midnight and can’t find your car? It may not be the New Year’s Eve revelry. Park some place safe when you go the party to ring in 2011 and if you are staggering? Get someone else to drive.

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