Survey Says: Women Are Safer Drivers

TweetMost women would be inclined to say that the researchers at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety wasted their time putting together a 2008 study on driver safety relative to gender. We know we’re better drivers than the guys. Well, … Continue reading

Earthquake Insurance in Tennessee?

TweetAn earthquake in Memphis, Tennessee? That’s a joke, right? Actually not. Memphis sits in the New Madrid seismic zone, a region of the American heartland that gets 150 to 200 tiny earthquakes every year — so small they can only … Continue reading

National Flood Insurance Gets Temporary Extension

TweetThis past Wednesday, September 22, the House of Representatives voted to extend the National Flood Insurance program. An action repeated by the Senate a day later. The bill is now on the way to the White House for the president’s … Continue reading

Deaths to Distracted Driving Decrease — And Need to Decrease More

TweetThe numbers are in and deaths to instances of distracted driving are actually down for 2009 — 5,474 dead in 4,898 accidents compared to 5,838 in 5,307 crashes in 2008. For both years distracted driving comes to 16% of total … Continue reading

On Going Debate Over Katrina Damage Points to Industry Failure

TweetHurricanes Wilma, Katrina, and Rita redefined the way insurance is handled on the Gulf Coast forever. In Mississippi, more and more property owners are being forced to go to the state wind pool for coverage after being dropped by their … Continue reading

Get Aggressive About Discounts for Handsfree Use

TweetAh, the ever popular topic of distracted driving. Now New Jersey lawmakers are set to impose higher fines on drivers who talk or text behind the wheel. Yep, on Monday the Senate Law and Pubic Safety committee approved a bill … Continue reading

VA Makes Death Benefit Language More Clear

TweetAccording to a report by Leslie Scism for The Wall Street Journal (“The VA Will Make Changes in Life-Insurance Accounts“), the Department of Veterans Affairs is planning to rework its materials on claims to make sure that beneficiaries understand they … Continue reading

Even with Reform, Health Care Expenses Continue to Climb

TweetHealth care reform is something that will continue to be a center of political debate — and personal struggles — in this country for years to come. While the changes enacted under the Affordable Care Act should be in place … Continue reading

Kudos to Kentucky County with Driving Simulator

TweetEvery now and then I read something about a driver safety course that makes me really want to take it. No, not the kind where you go to some bad seafood chain restaurant, eat greasy fish, and listen to two … Continue reading