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Survey Says: Women Are Safer Drivers

TweetMost women would be inclined to say that the researchers at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety wasted their time putting together a 2008 study on driver safety relative to gender. We know we’re better drivers than the guys. Well, … Continue reading

Earthquake Insurance in Tennessee?

TweetAn earthquake in Memphis, Tennessee? That’s a joke, right? Actually not. Memphis sits in the New Madrid seismic zone, a region of the American heartland that gets 150 to 200 tiny earthquakes every year — so small they can only … Continue reading

Divorce Insurance? Pass.

TweetYeppers. And get this. It’s called WedLock. For the cost of about $16 a month for each $1,250 of coverage, you get a casualty policy that protects you from . . . well . . . yourself and your own … Continue reading

VA Makes Death Benefit Language More Clear

TweetAccording to a report by Leslie Scism for The Wall Street Journal (“The VA Will Make Changes in Life-Insurance Accounts“), the Department of Veterans Affairs is planning to rework its materials on claims to make sure that beneficiaries understand they … Continue reading