Five Years Later, Katrina Changed the Face of Insurance

TweetUSAToday has an interesting story . . . today . . . by Sandra Block, “5 Years After Katrina, Homeowners Insurance Costs More.” What may shock you, is that the ramifications of the storm in terms of insurance premiums are … Continue reading

Spontaneous Combustion Causes Arkansas House Fire

TweetSometimes a story comes along that is just so strange, so improbable, it’s irresistible. This sounds like it should be the stuff of urban legends, but it’s true. A house fire in a home in Paragould, Arkansas was caused by … Continue reading

Injury Costs in Vehicle Accidents Skyrocket

TweetThe Center for Disease Control and Prevention took a look at a year’s worth of data on vehicular accidents and came up with some startling numbers, in terms of costs, that more than speak for themselves: – Medical treatment and … Continue reading