You could save hundreds in minutes on your Insurance

Divorce Insurance? Pass.

Yeppers. And get this. It’s called WedLock. For the cost of about $16 a month for each $1,250 of coverage, you get a casualty policy that protects you from . . . well . . . yourself and your own bad choices.

Policy holders must have paid for the policy for four years before they can receive benefits (’cause otherwise, there’s a whole new level of insurance scam), and there’s an addition of $250 per unit for every year the marriage hangs in there past four.

So, you buy ten units, get divorced after ten years. You’ve paid out $19,188 to collect $27,500. Hmmm Maybe it’s just me. But does that not sound worth it?

Read the rest of the story on the Time site to find out the origin of this wackiness, but personally, this is one insurance product that I don’t see cutting it. People laughed at pet insurance when it first showed up, and then the cost of vet care shot through the roof and it all made sense.

But this? “Honey, I would so divorce you if I’d reached the benefit term on my policy.” Yeah. Just. No.

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