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Survey Says: Women Are Safer Drivers

Most women would be inclined to say that the researchers at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety wasted their time putting together a 2008 study on driver safety relative to gender. We know we’re better drivers than the guys. Well, statistically, we’re right.

According to the study:

– Men cause 71% of all deaths in motor vehicles.
– They cause 70% of all pedestrian deaths.

Wait, we’re not done. The fellows are also responsible for:

– 87% of all bicycle deaths, and
– 91% of all motorcycle deaths.

My father threatened me within an inch of my life if I ever got on a motorcycle with come guy — which I never did — and obviously, Dad knew what he was talking about.

So what is it that men do that’s so dangerous? The big three are:

– Not using seatbelts.
– Driving under the influence.
– Speeding.

Again, women knew this. Do these numbers automatically translate to lower automotive insurance premiums for the ladies? No. However, when all relevant factors that contribute to insurance risk profiles are taken into account, women do, on average, get lower premiums than men.

Are we better drivers? I suspect men will argue until their dying gasp that we are not. Do we spend less money on our car insurance as a result of our driving habits? Yes, and those numbers are a little harder to argue.

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