Life Insurance Goals Have Changed with the Economy

TweetThe recession that began in 2009 and continues to plague the economy of this nation and the world today has shifted the perspective on life insurance. The necessity for the coverage and the specific goals the benefits are intended to … Continue reading

Video Friday: Term v. Permanent Life Insurance

TweetOkay, I won’t lie to you. This is not the most scintillating or well-produced video in the world, but the information is good. In our ongoing mission to help you understand insurance terminology, give 5 minutes to better understand term … Continue reading

Life Insurance is for the People You Leave Behind

TweetAccording to research compiled by LIMRA (a market research outfit), the gender gap is closing in life insurance. In 2010, about six out of every 10 women held some kind of life insurance policy. Overall, life insurance levels are down … Continue reading

Choosing Not to Carry Life Insurance is Not a Good Recession Strategy

TweetIn 20 years, when we look back on this recession, we’ll be able to remember not just personal difficulties, but major businesses that have floundered and “standard” practices that suddenly weren’t so standard any more. Life insurance policies increasingly fall … Continue reading

When they cancel your policy after you die.

TweetWe’ve all seen “that” life insurance ep of the crime drama of choice. For whatever reason (1) wife decides to off husband for the insurance money or (2) either spouse decides to commit suicide so the other one can get … Continue reading

Life Insurance 101 Video

TweetThis one runs out to 8 minutes, but overall, it’s a thoughtful consideration of the basics of life insurance. In particular it considers the questions: – Do I need life insurance? – How much do I need? – What kind … Continue reading