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Life Insurance and Smoking

TweetWhile it’s true that being a smoker will impact the cost of your life insurance premium, and being a heavy smoker can even force you into really expensive no-exam types of policies, it is actually possible for smokers to obtain … Continue reading

Wednesday Matinee: Life Insurance

TweetWe talk often about health insurance – especially with health care being constantly in the news – and auto insurance, but what about life insurance? This video addresses what it is, why you need it, and what types of life … Continue reading

Just Wear the Dang Seatbelt

TweetBack when the seatbelt law went into affect in my state, I was as annoyed as anyone. I would have been more annoyed, however, to have to pay a ticket, so I cultivated the habit. Now it’s just automatic. According … Continue reading

Life Insurance 101 Video

TweetThis one runs out to 8 minutes, but overall, it’s a thoughtful consideration of the basics of life insurance. In particular it considers the questions: – Do I need life insurance? – How much do I need? – What kind … Continue reading