VA Makes Death Benefit Language More Clear

TweetAccording to a report by Leslie Scism for The Wall Street Journal (“The VA Will Make Changes in Life-Insurance Accounts“), the Department of Veterans Affairs is planning to rework its materials on claims to make sure that beneficiaries understand they … Continue reading

Military Death Benefits: When Principle Should Outweigh Profit

TweetSometimes it’s not the money, it’s the principle, which is exactly what a group of military families are trying to say to Prudential Insurance in an amended lawsuit filed today to include more plaintiffs and an outright allegation of fraud … Continue reading

Make Sure Life Insurance Benefits Actually Reach Beneficiaries

TweetAn investigation by Bloomberg’s Market Magazine (“Fallen Soldiers’ Families Denied Cash as Insurers Profit, 28July10″) has cast new light on an old life insurance industry practice. Basically, when a claim is filed, the beneficiaries receive something that looks like a … Continue reading

Life Insurance Fraud, Exception not the Rule

TweetMurder to collect the life insurance money is not just the stuff of mystery novels and formulaic TV dramas with the words “law” and “order” in the title. Authorities in Merced, California have arrested a total of four suspects in … Continue reading

Long Term Care Insurance – Women May Need it More than Men

TweetWant to hear something alarming? There are currently more than 36 million Americans who are 65 or older, a number likely to surge to 87 million in the next four decades, and fewer than a third of them – about … Continue reading

No Rate-Hike for Anthem-BlueCross

TweetLos Angeles, California-based health insurer Anthem Blue Cross announced this week that policyholders will not see an insurance rate hike on May 1st, after all. Kristin Binns, speaking for Anthem’s parent company, Wellpoint, Inc, told the Los Angeles Times that … Continue reading

40% of South Carolina Insurance Agents Could Lose Licenses by May First

TweetInsurance agents in South Carolina must complete their first-ever license renewal process by May 1st, or risk losing their licenses, a report in the Insurance Journal says. Under new state regulations there are now compliance requirements which insurance agents must … Continue reading

When to Re-evaluate Life Insurance

TweetMost of us never shop for life insurance, relying solely on the coverage we get through our corporate benefit packages, or if we do purchase a life insurance policy, we make payments but never think to upgrade or alter our … Continue reading