Video Friday: Health Insurance for Early Retirees

TweetMany people during these tough economic times are being “encouraged” to retire early. What does that mean for their health insurance and how exactly does COBRA work?

Defensive Medicine Elevating Health Care Costs

TweetI’m one of those people who tries not to go near a doctor unless I’m bleeding or broken in some way. I was raised in the day when house calls were normal and I detest with a passion beyond purple … Continue reading

Don’t Cost Cut Yourself Out of Preventive Care

TweetAt the same time that we’re seeing positive indicators that the recession has ended and jobs are coming back, we also have definite clues that this economic crisis has left a permanent imprint on the American psyche. For many of … Continue reading

Neglecting Dental Health Can Have Serious Consequences

TweetAccording to findings by the Kaiser Family Foundation, Americans are neglecting their dental health more than ever. When people start whacking things off their health coverage to lower premium costs and control deductibles, dental benefits are the first to go. … Continue reading

Does Denial of Coverage Ever Happen for the Right Reasons?

TweetOver the weekend I came across an article about Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina being the first large insurance company to refuse to pay for spinal fusion operations for back trouble. I had my usual grumble in … Continue reading

Video Friday: Health Care on the Chopping Block

TweetVery nice, multi-source review of the new health care debate as the GOP takes over in the House.

A Hospitals NICU May Not Be Covered by Your Insurance Plan

TweetGetting ready for a new arrival in the family always involves insurance pre-planning. If the obstetrician and hospital aren’t in the health insurance network, the parents-to-be are going to find out from day one just how expensive Junior is going … Continue reading

Judge’s Decision Signals Next Round in Health Care Debate

TweetWhen Federal Judge Henry E. Hudson declared the portion of the health care reform law mandating that all Americans be covered by health insurance in 2014 to be unconstitutional, a part of me approved. Now, granted, his decision, made on … Continue reading

Friday Video: Health Savings Accounts

TweetAs health care reform moves forward — and faces changes with the mid-term Republican resurgence — people are still looking for ways to manage their insurance costs. Here’s a good video explaining an option many people still find attractive, a … Continue reading