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A Brief History of Health Care

TweetI have to confess, I clicked play on this thing thinking, “Oh yeah, sure. Health care. Brief. Right.” Actually this is a very succinct explanation and very good. I don’t know about you, but the more I understand a thing, … Continue reading

Budgeting Cancer Drugs? Hmmmm.

TweetLike many Americans, I find myself torn on aspects of health care reform as it relates to the insurance industry. I spend a lot of my time writing about insurance and frankly, I have a lot of issues with the … Continue reading

How Insurance Works

TweetAn excellent little explanation of how insurance works, but I’m telling you, you’re gonna feel sorry for poor ole Gary when you watch this!

Pregnant and Pre-Existing

TweetEvery now and then I read something that a politician or corporate type thinks is logical and just scratch my head. Yesterday I was scanning a report from Reuters on the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s report on denial of … Continue reading Adds Plan Comparison Feature

TweetSix months after the passage of health care reform, the Obama administration still finds itself trying to sell the legislation to the American public. A fact made worse by the impending mid-year elections. It’s pretty tough to convince the 53% … Continue reading

Hammering Out the New Health Care Rules

TweetAlthough health care reform has been technically enacted, the laws to really make it happen are still being written. One provision in particular has the insurance companies doling out money to their lobbyists to achieve maximum flexibility in the interpretation … Continue reading