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Funniest Insurance Claims Ever!

TweetMost of us think of insurance claims as pretty serious business. Our car has been totaled, a tree crashed through the living room ceiling, someone was hurt on our property, there’s been a medical crisis, but what about . . … Continue reading

Video Friday: Alabama Tornado

TweetThis video shows the formation and progress of the tornado that hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April 27. The insurance claims from that wave of storms will be astronomic and the sudden nature of the outbreak is a graphic illustration of … Continue reading

Oh, That Wacky World of Insurance

TweetJust when it seems like there’s nothing new about insurance . . . In an article by Andrew G. Simpson for Insurance Journal, “Special Report: Top 10 Innovative P/C Insurance Products,” the author looks at new product offerings in the … Continue reading

Video Friday: Wedding Insurance

TweetI have to confess, I, personally, have never even thought about wedding insurance. Then, while recovering from an allergic reaction last weekend, I sat in an antihistamine coma watching a marathon of “Say Yes to the Dress” with my elderly … Continue reading

Aflac Shows Grace Over Duck Flap

TweetWhile it may not be strictly an insurance topic, I imagine you’ve all heart that comedian Gilbert Gottfried shot himself in the foot and lost his gig as the Aflec duck with an ill-conceived tweet in the wake of the … Continue reading