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Aflac Shows Grace Over Duck Flap

While it may not be strictly an insurance topic, I imagine you’ve all heart that comedian Gilbert Gottfried shot himself in the foot and lost his gig as the Aflec duck with an ill-conceived tweet in the wake of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Gottfried apologized for his “attempt at humor” saying he “meant no disrespect” and that his “thoughts are with the victims and their families.” That was not enough for Aflac, however, that does a lot of business in Japan. Too much to let the comedian’s remarks go unanswered. So, they dusted his tail feathers and fired the man.

In the wake of the episode, however, Aflac has illustrated what we can only term as finesse. On their website, with a clever graphic of the well-known mascot, the company said, “Our beloved duck has lost his voice. Think you have what it takes to be the new voice of the Aflac Duck? Take a quack at it.”

Duck wannabes can post their applications online and search for a casting call.Aflac is the largest company selling supplemental insurance in the United States and has a work force of more than 70,000 agents.

Their insurance offerings include accident, cancer/specified disease. dental, hospital confinement indemnity, hospital confinement sickness indemnity, hospital intensive care, life insurance, lump sum cancer, lump sum cancer critical illness, specified health event, short-term disability, and vision.

And, they apparently have a degree of grace under fire. Rare for a corporation. Kudos to them.

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