Car Type Does Affect Premium Rates

TweetConsumers are mistaken in their belief that smaller, more fuel-friendly vehicles are cheaper to insure. In a price-by-price comparison, larger cars, trucks, and SUVs routinely return lower premium levels because they are perceived to be safer in insurer risk profiles. … Continue reading

In the Coming Year Insurance Regulators Will Be Busier than Lawmakers

TweetFor the most part, public attention on insurance-related matters in 2012 will center on the on-going health care debate. This is a presidential election year, and the conservative opposition to the Obama administration will drive home the “failure” of the … Continue reading

Insurance Companies Work Death Benefits to Their Own Advantage

TweetInvestigators from the┬áNew York State Department of Financial Services have determined that life insurers in the state have been holding back more than $52 million in life insurance benefits to the survivors of deceased policy holders — in some cases … Continue reading

Most Highly Specific Specialty Insurance Policies are Not Worth the Money

TweetThe purpose of any insurance policy is to cover the cost of unexpected events in our lives. Most policies anticipate problems in broad areas — health, home, auto, and life. Specialty or “genre” policies wander into a different realm of … Continue reading

Uninsured and Under-Insured Drivers Can Cost You Big Money

TweetHow messy can an auto insurance claim get? Well, lets see. Take the case of the couple from Fort Worth, Texas who were rammed from behind by a motorist who then sped off. Chased down by a third party who … Continue reading

Generation Y: Overly Confidently and Under-insured

TweetIn the popular trend of naming the generational groups, Generation Y or the “millenials” are those people who are now in their mid- to early 30s. Unlike the Baby Boomers who came before them, this generation is made up of … Continue reading

Cheap Auto Insurance: Technology Allows Policies to Get More Personal

TweetOver the past few years, the cheapest auto insurance offerings have trended toward greater personalization of individual policies in an effort to apply more realistic risk models. At the same time, available benefits are more attuned to real-world values that … Continue reading

Cheap Auto Insurance for Teens, High Rates for a High Risk Population

TweetThe statistics regarding teenage drivers and auto safety are not only frightening, but have serious implications for the affordability of their parents’ auto insurance policies. In 2009, every single day, 16 to 19 teenage drivers died from injuries sustained in … Continue reading

Unemployment in U.S. Deepens Health Insurance Crisis

TweetOn Tuesday, September 13, the Census Bureau released some shocking figures reflecting the current standard of living in the United States. Approximately 46.2 million people in this country are poor, and 49.9 million have no heath insurance coverage whatsoever. The … Continue reading