Inflated Auto Accident Claims a Major Source of Insurance Fraud

TweetThe Insurance Research Council estimates that each year insurers lose $5 billion to $7 billion to inflated auto accident claims alone, although the real cost of insurance fraud likely runs to tens of billions. Insurers pass those losses on to … Continue reading

Car Type Does Affect Premium Rates

TweetConsumers are mistaken in their belief that smaller, more fuel-friendly vehicles are cheaper to insure. In a price-by-price comparison, larger cars, trucks, and SUVs routinely return lower premium levels because they are perceived to be safer in insurer risk profiles. … Continue reading

Low to Mid-Income Americans Paying Too Much for Auto Insurance

TweetAccording to figures compiled by the Consumer Federation of America, low to mid-level income Americans may be paying too much for their auto insurance policies, a situation which lowers their employment opportunities because they cannot legally drive an uninsured vehicle. … Continue reading

Be a Responsible Dog Owner to Minimize Your Home Insurance Problems

TweetAcross the nation dog bite cases are on the rise, with major cities like Houston reporting a 79 percent increase in incidents in 2011. The effect such incidents can have on homeowners insurance for all dog owners is considerable. Insurers … Continue reading