Military Death Benefits: When Principle Should Outweigh Profit

TweetSometimes it’s not the money, it’s the principle, which is exactly what a group of military families are trying to say to Prudential Insurance in an amended lawsuit filed today to include more plaintiffs and an outright allegation of fraud … Continue reading

Auto Insurance Fraud Harms All Drivers

TweetDepending on the source to which you turn, people are either defrauding insurers right and left as a consequence of the recession or things are rocking along about like normal. How much fraud goes on in the industry each year? … Continue reading

A Good Sense Product: Pay as You Go Auto Insurance

TweetIt’s not too often that you get a chance to talk about an insurance product with the potential to be good for the planet, but I have one for you — pay-as-you-go auto insurance. These are policies with the premium … Continue reading

Carrie-Anne’s Story: Instructive in Insurance Terms

TweetOn Sunday, August 15, 27-year-old Carrie-Anne Dudbridge was on her honeymoon in Corfu. After finishing a romantic dinner with her new husband, Michael, she stepped out on the balcony of their first-floor room, lost her footing, and fell 30 feet, … Continue reading

Alternate Use Vehicles Meet with Resistance

TweetThe evolution of alternative fuel and alternative use vehicles is going to force changes in both insurance laws and insurance coverage as evidenced by a case in Portland, Maine involving a young man and his golf cart. Matt Rand, 19, … Continue reading

Grants for Health Insurance Premium Oversight

TweetAs health care reform moves forward, one of the most important functions the federal government will fulfill is that of watch dog. In a way, you really can’t blame insurers. They are in business. But in an effort to counterbalance … Continue reading

High Theft Risk, High Auto Insurance Premiums

TweetIn the recently released J.D. Power and Associates survey on consumer satisfaction with auto insurance coverage, the statistics showed a big drop — a full 10 points — over 2009. Most people are unhappy with their auto policy because it … Continue reading

Tuition Insurance: Take a Pass on That One

TweetAs Chuck Jaffe of’s “Stupid Investment of the Week” pointed out on August 6, sometimes the best insurance advice is in what not to buy. Jaffe’s article for the day looks at a highly specialized form of coverage, and … Continue reading

Pet Insurance a Rapidly Growing Field

TweetA study by the research group Packaged Facts showed that from 2003 to 2007, the number of insured pets (cats, dogs, and exotic animals) in the United States increased 56 percent. Worldwide in 2008 it was estimated that 2 million … Continue reading