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Absence Makes the Insurance Check Smaller

TweetMost homeowners understand that their insurance policies exist to protect their physical dwelling and to give them a degree of liability cover for injuries to visitors. Most don’t realize, however, that not being at home when disaster strikes is actually … Continue reading

When Real World Insurance Meets Online Behavior

TweetThe film “The Social Network” clearly illustrates that the idea for Facebook actually did not originate in a good spirit. Some would argue that things have not improved in the land of social networking, including your insurance company. Increasingly, participating … Continue reading

Five Funny Insurance Commercials

TweetUnquestionably, GEICO has produced some of the funniest insurance commercials out there. Who doesn’t recognize their caveman spots or that adorable little gecko with the British accent and bright eyes? Some of their most clever recent ads, however, are built … Continue reading

Funniest Insurance Claims Ever!

TweetMost of us think of insurance claims as pretty serious business. Our car has been totaled, a tree crashed through the living room ceiling, someone was hurt on our property, there’s been a medical crisis, but what about . . … Continue reading

Life Insurance and Smoking

TweetWhile it’s true that being a smoker will impact the cost of your life insurance premium, and being a heavy smoker can even force you into really expensive no-exam types of policies, it is actually possible for smokers to obtain … Continue reading