Video Friday: Excellent Break-Down of Pet Insurance Policies

TweetThis is one of the best videos I’ve found comparing four pet insurance policies related to one animal. And it’s all explained by a vet! If you’re considering looking into pet insurance, this is a very good overview.

Trupanion Insurance Expands to Connecticut

TweetIt’s been awhile since we talked about pet insurance, so an announcement that Trupanion has expanded coverage into Connecticut caught my eye. This is a good company, offering policies for dogs and cats with 90 percent coverage and no payout … Continue reading

Video Friday: Pet Insurance

TweetThere are some good facts embedded in this video and . . . hey! . . . cute puppies and kitties! Seriously. As someone who went through a 25-month cancer fight with a beloved pet and who is still paying … Continue reading

Dog Liability Coverage Grows in Popularity for “Banned” Breeds

TweetMore than a third of all home insurance claims involve some act committed not by the family, but by the family dog. A vast majority of these incidents involve biting, with the victims normally being a family member or family … Continue reading

Numbers Prove Pet Insurance is a Growing Industry

TweetPet insurance is a growing segment of the industry given the fact that owners spent more than $30 million in 2009 on veterniary care. The most common (and expensive) conditions, which required surgery were, by species: Dogs 1. Benign skin … Continue reading

Pet Insurance a Rapidly Growing Field

TweetA study by the research group Packaged Facts showed that from 2003 to 2007, the number of insured pets (cats, dogs, and exotic animals) in the United States increased 56 percent. Worldwide in 2008 it was estimated that 2 million … Continue reading

Pet Insurance? Savings Account May Work As Well

TweetAs someone who has gone through a major, extended, and expensive illness with a much-loved pet, getting insurance for my animal companions has crossed my mind. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association’s latest survey says 62 percent of American homes … Continue reading