Update on the Cost of Insuring a Hybrid Vehicle

TweetThe question is being raised more and more. Can I get better auto insurance rates on hybrid and EV cars and trucks? Well. No. Right now it is still more expensive to insure a hybrid than their gasoline brethren, although … Continue reading

Parents Delaying Their Teen Drivers Due to Insurance Costs

TweetHaving been raised by a child of the Depression, I feel safe in saying the full effects of this recession will take a long time to make themselves fully felt. One consequence, however, is that 66 percent of parents are … Continue reading

Vehicle Crashes Involving Deer on the Rise

TweetWhen State Farm released its data on collisions between cars and deer, I was a little miffed that Texas didn’t make the top ten. I was raised with injunctions to “watch the bar ditch” long before I ever took the … Continue reading

Kudos to Kentucky County with Driving Simulator

TweetEvery now and then I read something about a driver safety course that makes me really want to take it. No, not the kind where you go to some bad seafood chain restaurant, eat greasy fish, and listen to two … Continue reading

Avoid Summer Vehicular Insurance Fraud

TweetYou may have seen the Florida tourism ads in the last few weeks assuring people that the water and beaches are clean and oil free. (Frankly, they’re begging folks to come on down and spend money. Perfectly understandable.) What they … Continue reading

New York has Least Knowledgeable Drivers, Survey Says

TweetIt may not come as much of a surprise, but the country’s least knowledgeable drivers hail from New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, and California. Conversely, the most knowledgeable motorists are in Idaho, Wisconsin, Montana and Kansas – well, at least … Continue reading

State Farm Files First Pay-As-You-Drive Plan in California

TweetThe Insurance Journal is reporting that State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. has submitted the first application of offer a pay-as-you-drive program in the State of California. Such programs reward drivers who have low mileage with reduced car insurance rates. … Continue reading

Fiesta Auto Insurance Announces New Offices, Expansion Plans

TweetIt may be a bit late in the season to be thinking about it, but Huntington Beach, Calif.-based Fiesta Auto Insurance, an insurance franchise that also offers tax preparation services, has announced the opening of twenty new offices during the … Continue reading