Texas Wildfires Paradoxically Create Greater Need for Flood Insurance

TweetAccording to the Insurance Council of Texas, the wildfire that destroyed 1,673 homes while laying barren 33,000 acres around Bastrop Texas, in September 2012 will likely result in $325 million in insured losses, making it the most costly wildfire in … Continue reading

Insurance Companies Work Death Benefits to Their Own Advantage

TweetInvestigators from the┬áNew York State Department of Financial Services have determined that life insurers in the state have been holding back more than $52 million in life insurance benefits to the survivors of deceased policy holders — in some cases … Continue reading

Most Highly Specific Specialty Insurance Policies are Not Worth the Money

TweetThe purpose of any insurance policy is to cover the cost of unexpected events in our lives. Most policies anticipate problems in broad areas — health, home, auto, and life. Specialty or “genre” policies wander into a different realm of … Continue reading