Fraud Drives Meteoric Rise in New York Auto Insurance Premiums

TweetOver the past decade, New York City has seen a 70 percent increase in personal injury protection claims including lost wages, medical bills, and other auto insurance-related claims. This upsurge exists concurrently with a 49 percent jump in the cost … Continue reading

Low Cost Auto Insurance in a World of Rising Premiums

TweetIn February 2011, the national average rate for auto insurance premiums peaked for the six-month period of December 2010 to May 2011, standing at $1,236.38. By March, however, it dipped to an encouraging $1,162.18 driven by market pressure to bring … Continue reading

Uninsured and Under-Insured Drivers Can Cost You Big Money

TweetHow messy can an auto insurance claim get? Well, lets see. Take the case of the couple from Fort Worth, Texas who were rammed from behind by a motorist who then sped off. Chased down by a third party who … Continue reading

National Insurance Crime Bureau Warns Consumers About Irene Flood Cars

TweetHurricane Irene, which hit the east coast in August 2011, subjected the New England and mid-Atlantic regions to highly abnormal levels of wind and flood damage. Most residents found themselves deficient or completely unprepared in terms of homeowners insurances and … Continue reading

Generation Y: Overly Confidently and Under-insured

TweetIn the popular trend of naming the generational groups, Generation Y or the “millenials” are those people who are now in their mid- to early 30s. Unlike the Baby Boomers who came before them, this generation is made up of … Continue reading

Katie School Pioneers Diversified Insurance Education for Young Professionals

TweetAfter the prestigious trade journal Risk Management Magazine praised the programs offered by the Katie School of Insurance, Cheap Insurance 123 spoke with Professor Kevin Ahlgrim and Associate Director Debbie Babcock. The Katie School offers a strong double major in … Continue reading

States Question Interaction with Federal Government on Insurance Exchanges

TweetIn a new wrinkle that may further hamper federal efforts to achieve cheap health insurance for all U.S. citizens, the National Governors Association, in a letter to U.S. Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, claims that the insurance exchanges mandated by the … Continue reading