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Insured Celebrity Body Parts: It’s All About the Assets

Some of the more current famously insured body parts include:

Brooke Shield's legs - $1 million

America Ferrera's teeth - $10 million

Heidi Klum's legs - $2.2 million

David Beckham's body - $151 million

Tina Turner's legs - $3.2 million

Jamie Lee Curtis' legs - $2 million

Rod Stewart's voice - $6 million

Bruce Springsten's voice - $6 million

Kylie Minogue's rear end - $4.9 million

Most of us will go right on buying insurance for our cars, homes, health, and lives without facing some of the unique “risks” that seem to plague the rich and famous. We, poor bums that we are, even have to manage our relationships without the safe cover of an insurance policy. Actually, there are some variants of divorce coverage floating around out there, but no “break up” polices. Not that that, however, hasn’t been tried, too.

In the 1940s, comedy team Bud Abbott and Lou Costello worried about the prospect of a career-destroying argument, so they bought a five-year, $250,000 insurance policy. Turns out they didn’t need it, since they worked together for 20 years, until 1957 — when the Internal Revenue Service took everything they had for back taxes. It’s always something.

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