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Allstate Plants Motorcycle Awareness Signs

Thanks to Allstate Insurance, twenty-five American cities are getting new traffic signs meant to prompt motorists to be aware that they’re sharing the road with motorcyclists. The signs will be planted in twenty-five major metropolitan areas, and will remind drivers to watch for bikers at intersections. Currently, there are an average of three motorcyclists killed at intersections every day, and crash data shows that more motorcycle crashes happen at intersections than at any other point on the road, including the open highway, relative to the amount of time spent at crossroads.

The “caution” signs are yellow, diamond-shaped markers that feature the silhouette of a motorcycle and the word LOOK, as a reminder to check for bikers before crossing an intersection. They’re being planted as part of Allstate’s ONE (Once is Never Enough) program, and are meant to increase awareness and remind drivers and bikers that just one look before entering an intersection is not enough.

According to Keith Rutman, vice president of Allstate’s consumer household unit, “In the time it takes to blink an eye, a life could be saved. Taking one extra second at an intersection to look left, right – and left again – for motorcyclists can help make our roads safer.”

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