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Kansas Governor Signs 2 Auto-Insurance-Related Bills

Last Week, Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas signed two pieces of legislation into law.

The first law is referred to as “no pay, no play,” and is meant to limit the recovery rights of uninsured motorists. Basically, this means that uninsured drivers will not be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering after traffic accidents, though they may still sue for actual hospital expenses or damaged property.

This law only applies to those uninsured drivers who have been without auto insurance coverage for at least forty-five days, and did not have continuous coverage during the year immediately preceding the forty-five day period.

Another law makes bans cities in Kansas from imposing “crash taxes,” or fees for emergency responses to accidents, on drivers or their auto insurance companies.

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By Rana

Rana K. Williamson, 48, a former university professor who is now a professional writer and researcher, focuses on cost-saving techniques and insurance news. Located in Texas, she has a particular interest in auto and motorcycle insurance because, as she explains, "When you live in a state this large, you're always behind the wheel of your car. And, well, bikes are just cool. Period." Readers contact Dr. Williamson with those questions that take a little extra digging and that relate to the latest changes in the world of insurance. "One of the most important things in managing costs in any field is to understand the basics and to stay abreast of the latest developments," said Williamson. "I enjoy using my love of research to answer questions and to track down information." Contact Dr. Williamson at with your own insurance-related and cost-managing questions.

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