Video Friday: Disability Insurance

TweetVideo time again, folks. I think this is an excellent instructive series, breaking down the essentials by topic and giving you a solid point to start considering your insurance choices. Today, Disability Insurance 101:

Sport Medicine Seeks to Manage Risk Through Technology

TweetOne of the concerns that has been at the forefront of health care reform in this country has been how insurers deal with the issue of pre-existing conditions. After 2014, it will no longer be legal to exclude individuals from … Continue reading

Budgeting Cancer Drugs? Hmmmm.

TweetLike many Americans, I find myself torn on aspects of health care reform as it relates to the insurance industry. I spend a lot of my time writing about insurance and frankly, I have a lot of issues with the … Continue reading

Life Insurance 101 Video

TweetThis one runs out to 8 minutes, but overall, it’s a thoughtful consideration of the basics of life insurance. In particular it considers the questions: – Do I need life insurance? – How much do I need? – What kind … Continue reading

Numbers Prove Pet Insurance is a Growing Industry

TweetPet insurance is a growing segment of the industry given the fact that owners spent more than $30 million in 2009 on veterniary care. The most common (and expensive) conditions, which required surgery were, by species: Dogs 1. Benign skin … Continue reading

Insurers More Likely to Total Cars

TweetI can never decide if I’m a very lucky person or a sucker. Like all of us, I’ve carried car insurance for years and really only had to use it twice. In one case, my Ford Taurus should have been … Continue reading

How Insurance Works

TweetAn excellent little explanation of how insurance works, but I’m telling you, you’re gonna feel sorry for poor ole Gary when you watch this!

Pregnant and Pre-Existing

TweetEvery now and then I read something that a politician or corporate type thinks is logical and just scratch my head. Yesterday I was scanning a report from Reuters on the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s report on denial of … Continue reading

LaHood Shortsighted on Envisioned Cellphone Ban

TweetWithout putting too fine a point on it, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is nuts. He wants to see an outright ban on any kind of cellphone use while driving and he’s pretty iffy on vehicle information and entertainment systems like … Continue reading

Study Reveals Homeowner Dissatisfaction

TweetSo, J.D. Power and Associates have busted out another survey. This one is their 2010 U.S. National Homeowners Insurance Study that measures satisfaction with policies based on coverage offerings, price, billing and payment, customer interaction, and claims. I have to … Continue reading