Avoid Summer Vehicular Insurance Fraud

TweetYou may have seen the Florida tourism ads in the last few weeks assuring people that the water and beaches are clean and oil free. (Frankly, they’re begging folks to come on down and spend money. Perfectly understandable.) What they … Continue reading

Kids and Parental Health Insurance: Scene in Flux

TweetIt’s fair to say that everyone expected the transition to a new health care model — one where insurers are to be held to greater account — to be confusing in the beginning. It’s equally fair to say that no … Continue reading

Obama Warns Insurers About Premium Hikes

TweetYesterday President Obama had a little sit down with the chief execs of more than a dozen major insurance companies. The president is concerned, and rightly so, given the track record of some of these companies, that they will use … Continue reading

National Flood Insurance Program Languishes in Senate

TweetWhile it’s probably pointless to say, “What is the Senate thinking?” you do have to wonder where their priorities are when yet again lawmakers have voted down legislation that included a provision to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program. The … Continue reading

Pet Insurance? Savings Account May Work As Well

TweetAs someone who has gone through a major, extended, and expensive illness with a much-loved pet, getting insurance for my animal companions has crossed my mind. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association’s latest survey says 62 percent of American homes … Continue reading

Communities and States Continue to Debate Texting Laws

TweetOne by one, cities across the nation are cracking down on texting behind the wheel. On Monday, June 7, the Springfield, Massachusetts city council passed a home rule petition by a 12-1 margin to allow police to fine anyone who … Continue reading

Has the Time Come for Insurance and Government to Get Along?

TweetIn the wake of almost three years of political in-fighting and public debate about the ethics and behavior of the insurance industry, the Obama administration and insurers have discovered the need to kiss and make up. Both sides need the … Continue reading

Louisiana Insurers Lose Ground in Chinese Drywall Battle

TweetThe Insurance Journal is reporting that insurance companies in Louisiana are continuing to lose ground in the ongoing battle against a ban on dropping or changing property insurance coverage because of corrosive Chinese-made drywall. The proposal will now be debated … Continue reading