Video Friday: Alabama Tornado

TweetThis video shows the formation and progress of the tornado that hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April 27. The insurance claims from that wave of storms will be astronomic and the sudden nature of the outbreak is a graphic illustration of … Continue reading

Update on the Cost of Insuring a Hybrid Vehicle

TweetThe question is being raised more and more. Can I get better auto insurance rates on hybrid and EV cars and trucks? Well. No. Right now it is still more expensive to insure a hybrid than their gasoline brethren, although … Continue reading

Social Networkers Beware, Your Premiums Could be Headed Up

TweetIf you’re on Facebook, Twitter, using services like Foursquare — checking in here, checking in there — beware. You may be elevating your homeowners insurance premiums because you are engaging in a risky behavior. Yup. Social networking is firmly on … Continue reading

HHS Re-Rates Popular Private Insurance Plans Available Through Medicare

TweetEvery day for the next decade and more at least one Baby Boomer will turn 65. That means their children and grandchildren will slowly learn about the challenging role of helping Mom and Dad in some level of caregiving. Managing … Continue reading

Wine with your insurance?

TweetMy suspicion is that most people reading this blog don’t have wine cellars, but an article from Reuters about insuring vino did catch my eye. I have friends who have been bitten by the grape bug and increasingly consider themselves … Continue reading

Video Friday: Who Chooses The Company That Will Restore Your Home?

TweetWho chooses the company that will handle fire and water restoration in your home? You or your insurance company? Here’s the answer for California. Do you know the law in your state? (This guy is not scintillating by any means … Continue reading

Time to Review Your Degree of Protection Against Fire

TweetThis year’s wildfire season is shaping up to be scary and very active. There have already been 97 fires in Colorado that have consumed 37,000 acres and the outbreaks in West Texas in the last week and a half scorched … Continue reading

Read Your Homeowners Policy!

TweetA news item out of South Carolina caught my eye this morning. Over this past weekend, a hailstorm in the area around Columbia caused about $45 million in property damage. By Monday morning, insurance companies already had some 18,000 claims … Continue reading

Video Friday: Term v. Permanent Life Insurance

TweetOkay, I won’t lie to you. This is not the most scintillating or well-produced video in the world, but the information is good. In our ongoing mission to help you understand insurance terminology, give 5 minutes to better understand term … Continue reading