Use Your Cellphone to Document an Accident

TweetEven if you don’t have GEICO insurance, you know their commercials. The caveman. The gecko. (Who isn’t a gecko, dang it. That’s an anole. But, I digress.) You may not know, however, that they are the industry leaders in terms … Continue reading

Video Friday: Do You Know What You Own?

TweetDo you know what you own? Would you know what you own if you had to list it off for an insurance claim? (For that matter, do you even really understand your homeowners insurance policy?) Think about it as you … Continue reading

Oregon Insurance Regulators Get It Right with Re-Pricing Law

TweetEvery day we see signs that the country is starting to claw its way out of the recession. Stocks are creeping up. Job numbers are getting better. The automotive industry is predicting a significantly better year. And state governments are … Continue reading

Gen Y Expects a Full-Featured Online Insurance Environment

TweetOn a personal note, one of the things that surprised me most about the Employers Small Business Opinion Poll regarding ways people expect to interact with their insurers is that I’m a Baby Boomer. Who knew? The age bracket is … Continue reading

Video Friday: Pet Insurance

TweetThere are some good facts embedded in this video and . . . hey! . . . cute puppies and kitties! Seriously. As someone who went through a 25-month cancer fight with a beloved pet and who is still paying … Continue reading

Coverage for Mine Subsidence in Pennsylvania

TweetWell, this is a fairly esoteric topic unless you live in Pennsylvania, but it does go to show that there are never too many questions you can ask to make sure you have an adequate amount of homeowners insurance. There … Continue reading

Video Friday: Lower Auto Insurance Rates?

TweetReally, this one is just for fun on a Friday. One of my all time favorite commercials from this insurer. Are their rates the lowest for you? The only way to find out is to get a rate quote with … Continue reading

With Auto Claims, Think Before You File

TweetWhat’s the best way to see your auto insurance premium shoot up? File a claim. I know. Makes me nuts, too. But here’s a hard and fast fact. In the new “normal,” which is theoretically the world “after” the recession, … Continue reading

Does Denial of Coverage Ever Happen for the Right Reasons?

TweetOver the weekend I came across an article about Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina being the first large insurance company to refuse to pay for spinal fusion operations for back trouble. I had my usual grumble in … Continue reading