A Cautionary Tale About a Highly Specific Form of Insurance

TweetWe’re all guilty of falling into the rut of thinking there are just three kinds of insurance — auto, home, and health. And it is true that those types of coverage are the ones we deal with most often, but … Continue reading

Video Friday: Homeowners Insurance 101

TweetWe should all review our homeowners policies annually to make sure we are covering the things we do have and not covering stuff that no longer lives with us. Here’s an excellent breakdown of this very necessary genre of coverage.

High Texas Homeowners Rates Show Need for Standard Regulation

TweetAccording to numbers crunched by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Texans are paying the highest insurance premiums in the country at an average annual rate of $1,460 with residents of Florida skidding into second place at $1,390. The national … Continue reading

When they cancel your policy after you die.

TweetWe’ve all seen “that” life insurance ep of the crime drama of choice. For whatever reason (1) wife decides to off husband for the insurance money or (2) either spouse decides to commit suicide so the other one can get … Continue reading

Friday Video: Health Savings Accounts

TweetAs health care reform moves forward — and faces changes with the mid-term Republican resurgence — people are still looking for ways to manage their insurance costs. Here’s a good video explaining an option many people still find attractive, a … Continue reading

When the Ice Man Cometh, Followed by the Insurance Man

TweetLiving in the south, I only have to contend with icy conditions once a year or so. I’m oblivious to all that life in colder climes entails, including how to handle such neighborly issues as whose ice-laden branch fell off … Continue reading

A Brief History of Health Care

TweetI have to confess, I clicked play on this thing thinking, “Oh yeah, sure. Health care. Brief. Right.” Actually this is a very succinct explanation and very good. I don’t know about you, but the more I understand a thing, … Continue reading

Your Credit Score and Your Insurance

TweetWell, there’s good news and not so good news when it comes to the relationship between your credit score and your insurance. Despite all dire predictions to the contrary, credit scores have held steady during the recession. In some cases, … Continue reading

Sewer Back-up Coverage a Must in Flood Areas

TweetWe’ve discussed before the extent to which Hurricane Katrina fundamentally changed the way the insurance industry writes policies in a flood plain. In some cases that change is pretty straightforward. They don’t write the policies at all. That’s where the … Continue reading