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Auto Insurance Fraud: Lose / Lose / Loser

TweetMost cases of auto insurance fraud are a result of desperation. In 2009, as the recession was ramping up to its worst levels (unemployment climbing toward 10%, auto industry going bankrupt), the National Insurance Crime Bureau tracked the rate of … Continue reading

Hammering Out the New Health Care Rules

TweetAlthough health care reform has been technically enacted, the laws to really make it happen are still being written. One provision in particular has the insurance companies doling out money to their lobbyists to achieve maximum flexibility in the interpretation … Continue reading

Working Out the Kinks in Coverage for Kids

TweetAs the federal health care reform moves forward, insurers are finding ways to insulate themselves against the inevitable redefintion of “business as usual.” In both Florida and Oklahoma (and likely in other states as well) insurers have stopped writing certain … Continue reading

The Whole Point of Insurance

TweetEvery now and then folks, you have to go for the strange story. (Bear with me. There will be a point.) A jury in Vermont just awarded a turkey hunter $380,557 in compensation because another hunter fired at him with … Continue reading

The Face of Insurance Is Changing: Pay Attention

TweetThe politics of health insurance continues to plague the Obama administration as the November mid-term elections draw ever nearer. After several months of U.S. Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius criticizing insurers for rate increases — even to the point of calling … Continue reading

Renting a Car? Buyer Beware

TweetAnyone who has ever rented a car has debated about whether or not to take out the rental insurance. That’s really not a decision you should make when you’re standing in front of the counter, probably running late, and at … Continue reading