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Early Estimate of Nashville Flood Damage: $1.5 Billion

An early estimate of the flood damages to Nashville, TN came in on Friday at $1.5 billion, but Mayor Karl Dean believes that number will climb.

According to Dean, the posted estimate includes only commercial and industrial properties and about 2,000 residences, but doesn’t include damages to public roads or bridges, or the contents in any of the buildings that were damaged. He said officials have identified 9.284 parcels with flood damage, roughly two thousand of which are residential properties.

So far, the assessment includes about 83 percent of the county. Some areas are still not accessible.

The city of Nashville has set up a website through which property owners can report damage, but it should be noted that damage reporting is the site’s sole purpose. It is not connected in any way with relief efforts or emergency services.

Said the mayor, “The assessment is continuing, and we ask property owners to report their damage so we can get an accurate figure.”

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