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Kentucky Legislature Seeks to Ban Texting While Driving

Last week, the Kentucky state Senate passed a bill that would ban drivers in the Bluegrass State from sending text messages while driving. Specifically, the measure would prohibit drivers in Kentucky from writing, sending, or reading text messages when their vehicle is moving.

According to The Insurance Journal, the bill is written to become enforceable in stages. For the rest of this year, violators will merely receive a warning, but beginning in 2011, first time offenders would pay a fine of $25 plus court costs, while repeat offenses would earn people a $50 fine plus court costs.

The bill’s lead sponsor, Denise Harper Angel (D – Louisville) said the proposal would save lives by deterring reckless driving, while opponents of the measure questioned how it would be enforced by police officers.

The bill cleared the Senate with a 27-6 vote and has been sent to the House for their review and approval.

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