Republican Leadership Fights Against HealthCare Reform at State Level

TweetIn the wake of the passage of the healthcare reform bills, many U.S. States have expressed concern that new requirements will tax their already thin budgets, and, in the words of Republican politicians, “usurp their sovereignty.” According to Reuters in … Continue reading

London Science Museum Takes Neutral Position on Global Warming

TweetHomeowners in New England are looking at filing flood insurance claims, while residents of the Midwest have had one of the worst winters in years, and even Texas got more than a foot of the frosty white stuff this year. … Continue reading

Congress Adjourns Without Extending Flood Insurance

TweetYesterday, we blogged that if Congress didn’t vote on it today, the federal flood insurance program would lapse (again) as would some unemployment benefits. The Insurance Journal is reporting that Congress could not come to agreement on the bill, and … Continue reading

Healthcare Reform Passes the House

TweetNot long before midnight Sunday night/Monday morning, after nearly a year of heated debate, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the healthcare reform bill, in a 219-212 vote, in which all the House Republicans and thirty-four Democrats voted against the … Continue reading

Moody Downgrades California’s Earthquake Rating

TweetThe California Earthquake Authority (CEA) has reported that Moody’s Investors Service has affirmed the A3 rating on the Authority’s 6.169% fixed-rate Series 2006-B revenue bonds, due to mature July 20, 2016, and downgraded the rating outlook from stable to negative. … Continue reading

Medical Schools Fail in Teaching of Patient-Safety

TweetThe National Patient Safety Foundation is concerned about the state of medical schools. Specifically, according a report released by the Foundation’s Lucian Leape Institute, med schools are not doing well at imparting , “basic knowledge and the development of skills … Continue reading

Utah Senator Proposes 3 Changes to Auto Insurance Law

TweetThe Insurance Journal is reporting that State Senator Stephen Urquhart of Utah is trying to change the law on automobile insurance coverage in his state by proposing three bills with address un- and under-insured motorist coverage, liability insurance, and arbitration … Continue reading

South Carolina’s Safe Home Program Helps Reduce Insurance Premiums

TweetSouth Carolina’s innovative program for coastal homeowners who have taken measures to protect their homes against hurricane winds has surpassed its 1,000th awarded grant. Specifically, according to Scott Richardson, director of the South Carolina Department of Insurance, said that the … Continue reading