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Cheap Health Insurance Differences To Explore

When you’re shopping for cheap health insurance, you want a policy that covers your needs, saves you money and doesn’t sacrifice on the quality of your care. It is possible to find all of these things in a policy that is reasonably priced, but you do need to explore your options closely. There are some distinctions between policy types you need to be aware of.

While cheap insurance that handles medical situations comes in many forms, you will find there are two basic organizational systems used by most insurers. The differences are minor, but they can be important to understand so you select the best type of policy to need your specific needs.

As you shop for cheap insurance quotes, be aware of the differences in these two main policy types:

Health Maintenance Organization, or HMO – This type of insurance is set up with a network of doctors that patients are able to see for full coverage under the plan. HMOs typically operate with a primary care physician serving as a gatekeeper. This doctor makes all necessary referrals to in-network providers if the need for specialists does come up. While this form of insurance can prove to be a little restrictive, it does offer good cost savings. Generally, HMO coverage is less expensive and comes with lower co-pays than other choices.


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Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO – As you shop for cheap insurance, you may opt for this type of coverage. A PPO typically allows insured parties to select their own doctors as needed and will not generally require a referral to see a specialist. The caveat is that while it’s possible to get cheap insurance quotes for PPO coverage, this type of policy does cost more than a HMO.

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