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What’s the Best Age to Purchase Life Insurance?

Those who are healthy and young most often do not have life insurance on their minds. That’s a mistake. Youthful individuals simply do not feel the effects of aging or the imminence of death. However, life insurance, like all types of insurance, is a game of risk. Although young, healthy individuals may not have a high probability for death, it’s very important to remember that having a valid life insurance policy is still vitally important. It’s also important to note that life insurance policies are not in place for the insured; they are there for the listed beneficiaries.

26 is the average age for an American women to marry – 27 for men. And of course, when people start families, life insurance is a necessary consideration. Many experts agree that the best age to purchase life insurance is the age of a given individual when he or she marries. Many others agree that there’s no age too early to procure as much life insurance as is financially feasible. You see, nobody can ever determine when they will die. Not everybody grows old and dies of natural causes. That’s far from the truth in fact. Automobile accidents, natural disasters, sudden-onset diseases and various other types of unfortunate happenings can cause death. You’ll want for your survivors to be able to continue living comfortably in the event that you die in an untimely manner.

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Reasons to purchase life-insurance now:

  • Replacing your income for your surviving spouse, children and other loved ones;
  • Covering the costs of your burial;
  • Allowing your family members to mourn your death without the increased stress of financial worries;
  • Providing for your family members’ futures even after you’re gone;

Standard-risk term life insurance is surprisingly affordable. In fact, between the years of 1994 and 2009, premium rates for term life insurance have dropped by more than 50%. Two primary factors that affect life insurance premiums are:

  • Decreased mortality rates;
  • Longer life Spans;

As people live longer and die slower in general, life insurance premium rates will continue to decrease. After all, the same profit margins can be reached by insurance providers – even when charging significantly less for premiums – when payouts continue to become less numerous. You can be sure that every insurance company has its long-term profitability in mind. So why not take advantage of the low life insurance premiums that are currently available?

Never assume that you have no need to maintain a valid policy for life insurance. Time passes and life changes constantly. You simply never know what’s around the next corner. The fact is that life insurance policies provide financial stability for families. Family members will die. Death is certain. It makes very solid business sense for parents to insure their children’s lives. Likewise, its very intelligent for young adults to insure their own lives. And of course, mature adults should all have life insurance policies in place to preserve the livelihood of their survivors in the events of their deaths.

What’s the best age to purchase life insurance? The age you are right now.

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