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10 Ways to Save Money on your Life Insurance

Life insurance is an essential purchase for those wanting to make sure their loved ones are financially secure in the event that they die. It will help one’s family pay off any outstanding bills such as a mortgage as well as funeral expenses. Many people think that life insurance is just another expense they have to maintain, however, purchasing life insurance does not have to be an expensive investment as there a number of ways to cut down on the costs.

The following are a number of ways to save money on your life insurance:

  1. The type of insurance policy you purchase can vary in price. If you are looking for a cheap policy, term life insurance is less expensive than whole life insurance. Although it is cheaper, it does not have the potential to make as much money as purchasing whole life insurance.
  2. Living a healthy lifestyle will lower your life insurance premiums. Such healthy living practices as exercising, eating healthy, not smoking, and consuming alcohol in moderation will help lower your life insurance premium because you will be considered less of a risk. Most health insurance companies require that you take a physical exam before giving you life insurance.
  3. To obtain cheap life insurance, it is imperative to compare at least three different life insurance quotes from different insurance providers. There are online insurance sites that provide a life insurance comparison tool which allows users to obtain a number of quotes from different life insurance companies. Shopping online can save you a lot of money on life insurance.
  4. Buy only the life insurance that you will need. The more life insurance you buy, the more expensive it will be. Just purchase what you will need. You can always add to it later.
  5. Purchase a no-commission life insurance policy. Insurance agent commission fees can be expensive. Life insurance policies that are known as ‘no-load’ or ‘low-load’ will not have these fees and you can get them from a financial advisor. They charge flat fees rather than collecting commissions.
  6. Insurance policies premiums increase every time the policy is renewed. If you only require a policy for a short time such as 10 years, purchase term life insurance.
  7. If you are healthy, do not buy a guaranteed issue policy. You may end up paying more in premiums than your beneficiaries will receive from the death benefit. These policies are riskier because you do not need a physical exam, so they are more expensive.
  8. If you require life insurance, you may want to get a rider. If you have a whole life insurance, a rider adding more coverage allows you to expand your coverage without affecting the cash value that you have accumulated.
  9. Every year, do a reassessment of your life insurance policy, especially if there are big life changes such as children so that you can make the appropriate modifications to your policy.
  10. Buy life insurance while you are young and healthy. The older you are, the higher your premium will be because you are considered a higher risk. See if you can lock in the premium you pay. As well, instead of paying monthly, pay every 3 months or every year as that will lower your premium.

Purchasing life insurance is a way of meeting your financial obligations to your family. By purchasing life insurance, you will have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are protected.

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