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College Graduates and Health Insurance

Graduating from College or University is always a time of great celebration. Most graduates tend to be concerned about their employment prospects. Many do not realize that they have now entered a world where there is a vast amount of personal responsibilities. One responsibility is acquiring an appropriate healthcare plan. Once graduates are no longer on their parents’ healthcare plan, or their College health plan has ended, they realize that they now have to acquire their own healthcare policy. Ensuring that they are protected becomes an important life responsibility.

Most health insurance policies will include children under a parent’s healthcare plan if they are enrolled in college as a full-time student. Purchasing health insurance can be an overwhelming task for most adults. For a new graduate, finding healthcare insurance can be particularly stressful.

To find the best healthcare plan, you need to assess your personal healthcare needs. You should first consider how much you can afford to pay each month in healthcare premiums. You should also determine what you spend each month on healthcare. This can include doctor visits, prescriptions, medications, eye care, any pre-existing conditions such as asthma…etc. This will help establish the type of insurance that will provide you with complete coverage.

In calculating your insurance coverage and premiums, insurance providers require such information as your medical history, age, a current health exam, any pre-existing conditions, whether you are a smoker or non smoker…etc. This information is taken into account when determining the premium that you will pay. For instance, a smoker will pay a higher premium than a non smoker.

The internet contains a wealth of health care insurance resources. You can search for various health insurance providers as well as submitting your information for a comparison of several plans and prices from different providers. Once you find an insurance provider, you need to discuss your options with an insurance agent. This will help you choose the best healthcare policy package at the best price. As well, your parents may be able to recommend a good healthcare insurer.

Having healthcare coverage is an essential part of transitioning from college to real life. When choosing the best policy that meets your needs, it is important to shop around. Part of looking to the future is preparing for the unexpected events that life throws your way.

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