Affordable Health Insurance Companies

In recent years, the price of health insurance has been steadily rising which has resulted in an estimated 47 million people who are unable to afford health insurance. Fortunately there are health insurance companies on the market that are offering health insurance that is affordable for individuals, families, and businesses. Two of these affordable health insurance companies offering affordable health plans for families, children, and individuals, are eHealthInsurance and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Nationally accredited to provide health insurance in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, eHealthInsurance is an online health insurance resource that provides a comparison of affordable health insurance quotes for individuals, families, and businesses. They work with over hundred health insurance companies that offer thousands of health care products. This online service allows one to compare health insurance quotes and then purchase the most affordable health insurance policy that meets their needs. They even provide a number of affordable Medicare options.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) is a national association of 39 independent and locally managed Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance providers offer a number of different forms of health insurance coverage in every US state. They also provide health insurance coverage for State and Federal Government employees. Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurers provide millions of families with quality and affordable health insurance. Blue Cross Blue Shield has an online comparison tool to provide people with affordable health insurance quotes. This tool called, “AskBlue,” allows one to answer a few simple health coverage questions, listen to the health insurance options, and then receive a review of the health insurance options with recommendations that meets their particular circumstance. People can then choose the best insurance policy that meets their needs. It is an effective and easy way to obtain an affordable health insurance policy.

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When taking advantage of sites such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and eHealthInsurance, one can receive health insurance quotes for such coverage as individual health insurance, family health insurance, student health insurance, health savings accounts, and dental insurance. For businesses, one can learn and obtain such insurance policies as group health insurance, Business HAS, group dental insurance, and group vision insurance. You will also receive assistance and advice from a licensed health insurance representative.

There is currently a great deal of debate taking place regarding healthcare reform. Any healthcare reform adopted will not take affect until 2013. By using an online health insurance comparison tool such as the comparison tools offered by eHealthInsurance and Blue Cross Blue Shield, one does not have to wait to acquire affordable health insurance.

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