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Car Insurance for Women: Facts about Women’s Auto Insurance

Finding effective and affordable car insurance for women is at least slightly more pleasant than finding it for men. The main reason is that it costs less in general to provide women’s auto insurance, so you won’t be spending as much. According to actuaries from major insurers, women demonstrate more responsibility when behind the wheel, at least on a general basis.

The bottom line is that considerably more men die in automotive accidents each year than do women. Deaths are expensive from an insurance company’s viewpoint. If a certain group (like men) cause the insurer to pay out more than another group of drivers (like women), then the expensive group will receive higher insurance premium quotes for the same coverage limits.

Stats that make auto insurance for women cost less:

  • Men are 77% more likely to die in automotive accidents than are women;
  • Cautious, elderly women are 60% more likely to be in fatal auto accidents than are 16-year old males, largely due to their physical fragility;
  • New England, including Boston, is the safest region in the US for driving. This is affected heavily by the mass traffic congestion moving at crawl speeds;
  • Of all passengers on the roads, a toddler strapped into an approved car seat during the morning school rush is the safest;
  • Elderly women are the highest risk group to insure. They are 5 times more risky than the average national driver when behind the wheel;
  • The second riskiest group are young men between the ages of 16 and 23;
  • In general, women car insurance will cost less than car insurance for men because men take on more risky behaviors, drink more, are more inclined to speed, and they drive more miles than women;

Other statistical facts about driving safety in the US:

  • School buses on the roads during school hours have an accident probability 50 times lower than the average vehicle;
  • Death rates on motorcycles, which are dominately operated by men, are approximately 32 times higher than the death rate for cars;
  • Men between the ages of 21 and 24 that operate motorcycles between midnight and 4 AM are 45,000 times more likely to die than members of the average driver group;
  • The safest time to drive each day is around 8 AM. Teenage drivers are in school and traffic is moving slow because of congestion;
  • 2 AM is the deadliest time of day to drive. Bars are closing, people are drunk, and it’s dark;
  • National research studies have also repetitively shown that claims filed by women simply cost less to settle, on average, than claims filed by men.

The bottom line concerning automobile insurance for women:

Keep the above facts in mind when you shop for your next women’s auto insurance policy. Make sure that you are dealing with an insurer who provides car insurance discounts for women. By doing business with companies that reward the safe, conscientious driving habits of women, you’ll save money and have an overall more pleasurable experience.

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