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Top 10 Safest Cars to Drive in the U.S. in 2009

Every year, millions of car accidents take place across the country. With so many cars on the road, the issue of vehicle safety is of the utmost importance. Vehicles are constantly being tested for their safety. To determine the safety of a vehicle, such areas as the brake system performance and stability control are assessed. If you are looking for a safe car, listed below are the top ten safest cars to drive in the U.S.

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  1. Subaru Impreza 2009: At a MSRP of $17,495, the chic Impreza has a number of safety features such as quality electronic stability control, rollover sensor, reliable braking system, and standard all-wheel drive (AWL). As well, the Impreza also scored high in front-offset tests.
  2. Honda Odyssey 2009 (Minivan): At a MSRP of $26,355, the comfortable and eye-catching Honda Odyssey has excellent antilock brakes, rollover sensor, electronic stability control, and scored high on rear-crash protection. This is a popular family vehicle for parents who want added safety when driving with their children.
  3. Toyota Camry 2009: At a MSRP of $19,740, the stylish Toyota Camry has a number of safety features. It scored high in NHTSA’s front- and side-impact tests and has great stability control.
  4. Volvo C30 2009: At a MSRP of $23,445, the classy Volvo C30 is a popular car that scored high with such safety features as padded dashboards, laminated windshield glass, excellent stability and traction control, and six airbags.
  5. Honda Fit 2009: At a MSRP of $14,750 – $18,960, the popular and stylish Honda Fit contains such safety features as six airbags, antilock brakes, electronic stability control, and a strong and durable body.
  6. Honda Accord 2009: At a MSRP price of $20,755 – $30,755, the Honda Accord has scored well for safety for its Vehicle Stability Assist with traction control and six airbags. It also scored well for frontal collisions and side impacts.
  7. Ford Focus 2009: At a MSRP price of $15,520 – $18,265, the Ford Focus is a popular vehicle that comes equipped such features as quality Antilock brakes and electronic stability control. It also has a SYNC system allowing drivers to control their cell phones and iPod with vocal commands. The device also reads texts messages out loud.
  8. Mazda CX-7 Sport 2009: At a base price of $24,345, the sporty and popular CX-7 scored high from the NHTSA for frontal and side impacts, and has a low probability of rollover in a single-vehicle crash.
  9. Subaru Legacy 2009: At a MSRP of $20,745, the luxurious Legacy’s safety features include rear-passenger side-crash protection, side airbags, and electronic stability control.
  10. Scion xB 2009: At a base price of$16,230, the Scion xB is noted for such safety features as its standard stability control and it scored high in frontal crashes and side impacts.

When shopping for a car, safety is a feature that everyone should consider before making a purchase. Fortunately, there are many organizations such as Consumer Reports that are constantly testing cars to find out which ones are the safest to drive.

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