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High-Risk Automobile Insurance: What Makes High-Risk Insurance Necessary?

It’s certainly no secret that most people do not have perfect driving records. It’s also well known that insurance companies are very diligent about protecting their long-term financial success. Put another way, the insurance companies are not going to take losses as a rule. They are going to continually adjust rates, depending on various scenarios, to maximize their profit margins. For millions of individuals, high-risk auto insurance is a legal requirement. From the insurance company’s point of view, certain individuals are more probable to file claims than others. And in order to sustain themselves in the long run, they have to develop criteria to label those individuals as “high risk”.

Who gets classified as a high risk driver?

  • Those who have been charged with and convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Those who are convicted of driving under suspension or with no license;
  • For many insurance companies, those who are 70 years old or older;
  • For other insurance companies those who are 20 years old or younger;
  • Individuals that have a history of the accidents;
  • Individuals that have various traffic violations on their driving records;

In every city in America, police forces are expanding – and have been. Today, there are far more individuals that are classified as high-risk drivers than there were a decade ago. These non-standard automobile insurance policies are becoming more and more common everyday. The courts are filled. The highways are filled. Transportation is a necessity for every American. Personal production and enjoyment of life are both very dependent upon being able to transport yourself. And as these trends continue, more and more people will be considered high-risk drivers.

What you can do to avoid being classified as a high-risk driver:

  • bviously, you need to keep your driving record clean. And if you already have points against your driving record, then you need to take steps to clean it up. There are very affordable, state-approved driver’s improvement classes available online. You can participate in them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At your convenience, from your home, you can complete them for a very small fee. Doing so will enable you to have points against your driving record removed. Insurance companies like that.
  • Learn to respect the fact that a vehicle weighs thousands of pounds and travels at high speeds. Every vehicle on every road is a potential instrument of death. When an insurance company has to provide coverage for you in the event of an accident that you cause, payouts can result in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Actuaries that are employed from insurance companies have the responsibility of determining which groups of people pay which premium rates. By becoming a defensive and thinking driver, you will greatly decrease your probability of ever being involved in an accident. Over time, your insurance company will realize that you are a responsible driver – and they will reward you for that with decreased automobile insurance premiums.
  • If you are already considered a high-risk driver by your automobile insurance company, then you need to accept the fact and begin immediately to rectify it. Think about safety every time you get behind the wheel. Think about the fact that you’re going to be legally required to maintain automotive insurance for the rest of your driving life.

Other factors that can reduce the prices you pay for automobile insurance premiums:

  • Your age;
  • Your gender;
  • Where you live;
  • The type of vehicle you drive;
  • The safety features of the vehicle that you drive;
  • The safety of the location where your vehicle is stored;
  • Your credit rating;
  • Discounts that you qualify to receive on your Automotive Insurance policies;
    And more…

By understanding how automotive insurance companies determine their premium rates, and who they classify as high-risk drivers, you will be able to significantly decrease what you pay for premiums now and in the future. High risk automobile insurance is not what you want; do what it takes to remove yourself from that classification as soon as possible.

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