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Cheap Auto Insurance for Young Drivers

When young drivers acquire their driver license, they must first purchase auto insurance before they get in their car and start driving. It is not just a responsible act, but the law mandates that all drivers have auto insurance. Most young drivers will soon realize that there is a good chance they will have to pay a high auto insurance premium. This is due to the fact that they are considered a high risk because they are inexperienced and young. Studies have revealed that young males are more careless drivers than young females. Statistical research affects auto premium costs. Fortunately, there are number of measures a young driver can implement in an effort to obtain really cheap auto insurance.

The following lists a number of actions young drivers can take to acquire a cheap auto insurance policy:

  • Young drivers can be added to their parents’ auto insurance policy. A teen can pay for the extra costs associated with the new addition to the policy. Parents should talk to their teen about how a traffic violation can increase a policy so that he or she will practice safe driving methods.
  • Premiums are affected by the type of car driven. Expensive cars will have higher premiums. Young drivers should start out on older used cars.
  • Maintaining a low mileage will help lower auto insurance premiums. Parents can implement a limit on how long their teen can drive the car.
  • Schools and community organizations offer young driver training programs. Many insurance companies will reduce their rates if a young driver has completed a certified driver training program
  • Never purchase the first insurance policy offer. Comparing insurance quotes will help one find a cheaper auto insurance plan. There are web sites that provide online quote comparisons from several different insurance companies.
  • Theft is a major factor insurance companies consider when calculating premiums. Installing security devices such as a theft alarm, steering wheel immobilizer, and strong locks, will help reduce insurance premiums.
  • If a young driver is still in school, insurance companies will often offer discounts for students who can maintain a grade A average.

There are many reasons why auto insurance is expensive for young drivers. Research shows young drivers are more prone to receive a traffic violation such as a speeding ticket and get into a vehicle accident. The best step a young driver can take is to maintain a clean driving record. Once one has proven that he or she is not a high risk, the premiums will decrease. Most auto insurance companies will reduce the insurance premium of a new or young driver after three years of driving experience that does not contain any traffic violations.

Acquiring cheap auto insurance for young drivers does not have to be an impossible task. Researching insurance companies, implementing methods that will help reduce premium costs, and maintaining a clean driving record, will all play a big role in securing cheap auto insurance.

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